This quartet of male pop stars have more than just recording careers in common. Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and One Direction member Zayn Malik all have that sexy, semi-bad boy look going on, and this is enhanced even more with their various tattoos of wild animals.

After checking out closeups of each singer's tattoo below, which would you say has the best tat of a wild animal? Is it Justin's tiger head on his arm, Breezy's lion on his neck, Adam's ferocious arm tiger or Zayn's ink of a wolf on his leg?

Let's start with Bieber, who inked a black tiger head onto his arm earlier in 2013. It's one of his many animal-themed tattoos, as he also has an owl, a tiny bird in flight, and a koi fish. Although the 'All Around the World' singer has never explained the meaning behind his tiger tat, the striped cat represents will power, strength and courage, all of which are necessary in the entertainment business, especially for superstars like the Biebs.

The same can (kind of) be said for Chris Brown, who received a shadowy, black lion's head on the front of his neck. It's directly on his throat, all up in that Adam's apple area, so we have to give Breezy major props for sitting through this ink job. It was probably really painful! Anyways, Brown has faced a lot of adversaries over the course of his career, and since the lion symbolizes great strength, we definitely get why the 'Fine China' singer was attracted to this design.

Next up is Adam Levine, who has had a tiger tattoo on his right arm for quite some time. The Maroon 5 vocalist has never confirmed the official meaning behind the Japanese-style tiger tat, but like Bieber, it probably holds some sort of symbolism for strength and courage. However, unlike Bieber, Levine's tattoo is of an entire tiger's body, head and all, and the black design is one of his standout pieces of ink.

Finally, there's Zayn Malik, who has added even more ink to his growing list of tats this year. In June 2013, Malik debuted a brand-new tattoo on Instagram --  a giant wolf's head on the lower half of his left leg. Unlike the rest of the tats pictured here, Zayn's wild animal tat actually has another color besides black, with the wolf also coming to life in shades of brown. There are some feathers as well, giving it a Native American feel, which is kind of odd considering Zayn is of British and Pakistani descent. But, the wolf symbolizes survival, which is something the 1D boys know how to do in the dog-eat-dog world of fame.

Who has the best tat of a wild animal, PopCrushers? Check out some pics below and vote for Bieber, Breezy, Adam or Zayn!

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