Justin Bieber only just showed off a koi fish tattoo on his arm, next to his owl and his X, which had us going, "Is he getting all Noah's Ark on us?" He is a Christian, after all. We speculated that he was fixing for a sleeve and we may be right, as the singer was snapped with more fresh ink: this time a tiger being all "rawr" and something else we can't quite make out that looks like raven-haired woman.

The golden rule of tattoos is that if you can't tell what it is from across the street, it's not well done. Well, we will give Le Biebs a pass, since it's a photo and it's hard to tell from the lens and distortion. Can we get some Instagram selfies of the new inkage, Biebs? The one that is nebulous looks like Wonder Woman or Selena Gomez...

The Biebs is inking up his arms at a faster rate than One Direction, namely Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, who ink up on the regular. We hope he is keeping it moist with Bacitracin during the healing and scab phase.

The Biebs' latest tattoos include the aforementioned three, as well as a music note, a crown and an Indian chief. He also got his mother Pattie Mallette's birthday in roman numerals.

He also recently posted a selfie with a Chanel ski mask. He incorrectly spelled it "Channel," which is a no-no. You don't spell Chanel wrong, Biebs. Get it right.

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