David Letterman is going to be mad! Weeks after the late night talk show host jokingly gave Justin Bieber a hard time over his brand new 'Believe' tattoo, which he inked on his left arm in black lettering when his album dropped, the 'Boyfriend' singer is sporting another piece of new ink.

The latest addition to his collection? The Japanese Kanji symbol for "music," inked on his right arm, in almost the same spot as his 'Believe' tatt.

The Biebs arrived at the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, Australia on July 17 for his exclusive acoustic concert wearing a white shirt and a denim vest, but it was his ink that had people talking. It's a small piece, but it's located in a prominent spot on his body, for all the world and Beliebers to see...and gawk at.

While Letterman busted the singer's chops (and subsequently apologized for being "snappish" with The Biebs), the teen is not deterred by comments on his increasing inventory of ink. In fact, he seems content on adding to his tattoo collection with frequency. He made headlines earlier this year for the Jesus Christ portrait he had inked on the back of his left calf.

It looks like JB is collecting tattoos that have incredible personal significance to him. He is a musician by trade and a Christian, and his tatts reflect those loves.

What do you think of Justin Bieber's new tattoo, PopCrushers?

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