JB loves JC.

Remember when Justin Bieber prominently thanked Jesus during his VMAs acceptance speech? Well, he also carried a serpent, which is a Biblical creature, while on the red carpet that evening, so it was quite an "odd" night in terms of Bieber lore. However, The Biebs took his love for the Son of God a step further by tattooing the face of Christ on the back of his left calf.

Hollywood Life posted the shots of freshly inked Biebs while he was cavorting in Venice Beach in L.A. The Biebs was having quality, male bonding time with his dad Jeremy. The father and famous son grabbed some grub at Subway and went to Sky High Sports, but it was during a beach workout that The Biebs' artwork was clearly visible and then photographed.

The Biebs was actually spotted with a bandage on his leg while on vacay with girlfriend Selena Gomez a few weeks ago. Perhaps he was protecting, covering or hiding the tatt? If he had recently gotten the ink, he'd have had to cover it for a few hours to shield the tender skin from the elements. Tattoo artists also recommend covering a new tattoo while in the sun to prevent fading, so maybe he was doing just that? Or maybe he didn't want to share it with the world yet? It could have been a myriad of reasons, but now, it's been exposed.