Justin Bieber continues to add to his tattoo collection. After getting a 'Believe' tattoo when his album dropped in June -- not to mention getting all sorts of guff from David Letterman about inking his body while a couch guest on the show -- and a music symbol in the summer, the Biebs has added a crown on his chest.

The Biebs tweeted a photo of the new tattoo. He's laying on his stomach, grimacing and posing all goofy and cute. He posted: "new tattoo its a crown if you couldn't tell."

It's not good when someone has to explain what a tattoo is. If you can't discern what it is just by looking at it, that's a telltale sign of questionable art. But to the teen's credit, he is laying on his belly and it's not easy to see the fresh ink. Also, it's a tweeted photo, and it's not print quality, so we'll give him the benefit of the doubt that the tattoo looks better in real life.

Plus, Beliebers are probably more interested in the fact that the 'Boyfriend' singer is shirtless, as opposed to the intricacy of the artwork.

A crown, huh? Is that his way of saying that he is the new King of Pop, having inherited the throne and the crown from the late Michael Jackson? Maybe.

There is an old saying, Biebs. And it goes like this: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. That means that when you are crowned something, it comes with lots of responsibility, so don't forget it, kiddo!

The Biebs got Jesus Christ inked on his calf earlier this year, as well.

PopCrushin' Beliebers, what do you gals think of the new tatt? Haters, don't be making no Burger King jokes. We aren't having any of that.

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