Justin Bieber really appears to be in an unspoken race to beat One Direction's Harry Styles to see who can get the most tattoos. The Biebs just added another tattoo to his inventory, this time a koi fish on his arm, situated near his recent "X" and his owl. It's turning into an animal conservation on his arm.

Oh, and speaking of animals, where the heck is Mally, his quarantined monkey? Maybe he should get a tattoo of Mally on his arm before he runs out of real estate.

The new tattoo is on his forearm and it's beginning to look like The Biebs is collecting pieces so it could develop into a sleeve. The tattoos are very visible and we're left to wonder if there is something connecting them and why he placed a koi fish, which is usually intricate due to its scales, on his person. Koi have become very popular among tattoo enthusiasts -- so much so that they can pretty much be considered flash at this point.

Flash, for those not well-versed in inkology, are the framed tattoos on the wall that are already drawn. They are non-custom pieces.

Beliebers, what do you think of JB's latest piece of ink? Do you love it? Is he getting too many tattoos for someone his age? Tell us your thoughts.

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