Four weeks. Or 28 days. That's how long Justin Bieber has to pick up his quarantined pet monkey, which was seized by German customs officials last Thursday (March 28) when The Biebs tried to escort his simian friend into the country sans the proper paperwork and necessary documentation.

While The Biebs shared photos of "Mally," his capuchin monkey, on March 30, making it seem like they were reunited, those must have been posted AFTER the monkey was removed from his care. He may have to pay as much as $17,000 in fines and the quarantine costs for not having the right documents.

The monkey is also very young -- just 14 weeks old -- and the animal shelter which is providing care for the time being said that it should not have been removed from its mother until it was at least a year old.

It has been reported that more than a few zoos will take the monkey and give it a good home if The Biebs doesn't reclaim him in time.

Biebs, we feel the need to interject here. It's a monkey -- a living, breathing creature, not a toy. Maybe you should let the proper people care for your furry pal since your life and lifestyle are too hectic to give the monkey the attention it requires.

Mally is really freakin' cute, though!

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