You know, Justin Bieber couldn't properly care for a hamster while on tour, giving it away to a fan and thus being criticized for his mistreatment of a creature by animal rights activists, so what made him think he could handle a much bigger monkey -- which requires more attention and minding? Apparently, the German government agreed and quarantined the animal last week, since the Biebs did not have the proper documentation and necessary paperwork to transport the creature. Isn't it someone's job to, like, take care of that stuff?

The Biebs arrived at the Munich airport on Thursday, March 28. As he attempted to go through customs, the lack of proper paperwork for the capuchin monkey forced the singer to leave it with authorities. Aw, the poor simian!

The Biebs shared a photo of himself with his new BFF on March 30, captioning the shot: "Kickin it with og." So they appear to have been reunited. He also showed an adorbs photo of the sleeping simian, writing, "He's like a human."

The monkey looks happy and healthy. We hope the Biebs does not give the little cutie away like he did with Pac, his now-late hamster.

We think that maybe the Biebs needs to leave animals at home and not tour with them. It placed undue stress on the monkey to be quarantined. It's irresponsible behavior on his part.

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