Being Justin Bieber's pet hamster is pretty good fortune to befall a rodent, right? That's probably true, but when The Biebs gave his pet Pac away to a Belieber last week, the furry critter got even luckier. The new owner has promised she will treat Pac with the utmost love and respect.

Hey, it was a gift from The Biebs, so she has to make sure the little guy is well-cared for.

Tori, 18, is now the proud owner of Pac, and a card-carrying Belieber. She was surprised when the 'Boyfriend' singer gave her the critter in its cage. But despite the fact that he "thrust" the hamster on her, Tori assured TMZ that she will take good care. The Biebs can rest easy knowing Pac has a good home in Alabama.

Know who's not going to be stoked about this news? PETA. They chide Lady Gaga over her "possible" furs. Now, they will likely take The Biebs to task for being so cavalier and somewhat irresponsible with the welfare of a living creature.

This appears to be an "alls well that ends well" case, since Tori seems stoked about her new pet. But The Biebs tends to part company with pets... quick. He auctioned off his pet snake Johnson, which he toted to the 2011 VMAs and may have very well been a temporary gift. No, not that Johnson, mind you. That's Jerry, people! Know your Biebs lore. One of the deal points for bidding on the snake was the level of commitment that a reptile requires. So at least those who were auctioning off the serpent were being considerate.

We're just glad that Pac and Johnson weren't introduced, since, you know, snakes tend to eat rodents. That would have been a PR nightmare for The Biebs.

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