When it comes to teen heartthrobs, there are few artists who have stolen hearts quite like Justin Bieber and One Direction member Harry Styles. Both Justin, 18, and Harry, also 18, have made female fans (and undoubtedly some male fans) all over the world swoon over their good looks, talent and charm. And while they may not have a lot in common looks-wise, there is one quality that stands out in both teens: their hairdos.

Justin Bieber first broke onto the scene with his formerly signature hairdo, dubbed the Bieber swoop by pop culture fanatics. However, in an attempt to shed the "kid" image, Bieber recently cut his hair and is now usually seen styling it straight up a la Edward Cullen in 'Twilight' -- although we have to say that the Biebs' spiky 'do is much more subdued than his vampire counterpart.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles has a more untamed look when it comes to his brown locks. The 'What Makes You Beautiful' singer has perfected the "just rolled out of bed" look, with his hair taking on a kempt yet unruly look. His hair is also much curlier than Bieber, and he tends to comb the front out of his eyes so all of his Directioners can catch a glimpse of his baby blues.

So, 1D fans and Beliebers, who do you think has the better hair? Justin or Harry? Vote below!

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