Justin Bieber gave one lucky Belieber a special treat -- his own pet hamster!

TMZ snagged some rather grainy video of the Canadian phenom after Jingle Ball in Atlanta. Bieber was signing autographs and posing for photos with fans when all of a sudden, he handed over his hamster cage to one particularly excited girl. It's hard to make out what everyone's saying over all the shrieking in the clip, but you can make out two particular things: Bieber tells the girl, "You gotta take care of Pac!" to which she replies rather enthusiastically, "I will take care of him!!"

While the gesture may make Biebs a poor pet owner (can you imagine how poor Pac feels?), it certainly makes him one awesome artist in terms of fan appreciation. Balancing a tour, recording and promotional schedule with the responsibilities of a pet can be tough, so unloading the critter is understandable.

However, handing his hamster over to someone just because she was there may earn the Biebs criticism from animal rights groups. We doubt that any Beliebers would do him wrong (especially in terms of a pet), but a more discerning pet owner may fare better in terms of PR.