Asher Roth isn't letting his milky white complexion stop him from having fun in the sun. The 25-year-old rapper premiered his 'Summertime' video, and the clip is packed with girls in bikinis, hot tub rendez-vous, surfers, and beach dance parties.

The red-headed rapper is busting out all of the quintessential summertime activities for his video. Before he falls into a hot tub full of ladies and starts popping champagne, Roth takes some time to tool around town in a golf cart and hit up the beach.

Although the clip contains plenty of summertime visuals, we can't help but find it a bit generic. We've seen the whole "close up of a girl's boobs in this bikini top while she's jumping" and "let's blaze up some weed and get drunk because it's summertime" thing far too many times. What ever happened to originality?

While the video isn't really wowing us, neither are Roth's rhymes. What does "underpants up in France" exactly mean or have to do with summer? And why is water in Roth's glass of milk? Didn't he learn anything from watching 'Anchorman?' It's too damn hot to drink milk during the summer months! We also wish he would stop "abusing this mouthwash" ... We bet there's enough money in those swim trunks to splurge on a couple of Coronas.

Watch the Asher Roth 'Summertime' Video