As we await his "next level" album, at least we've got some eye candy to hold us over: Austin Mahone dances, flirts and commits at least one human resources violation in his new "Dirty Work" video.

The visual for the Monsters and Strangerz-produced single finds Austin working as an office drone amid extremely bored coworkers. The singer sips on a Slurpee and lobs balled-up paper into a trash basket, which is probably any pop star's idea of what having a normal day job is like, all "doo doo dooo, this is me working, spreadsheets and stuff, I need to fax this!" just ignoring ringing phones and maybe doing some light typing.

The boss interrupts whatever the singer's goofing off from to brag that he's got a hot date, and suddenly Austin's in charge of an all-nighter. Leaving no outdated office cliche untouched, the cartoonish head honcho demands "that report on [his] desk by the morning."

But good news! He's assigned Austin to work with his super-hot new lady coworker, who seems to have borrowed Beyonce's hair-fan to slightly ripple her ombre waves while she just stands there beaming.

The beat kicks in, and soon Austin's dancing around the office all floppy-haired in his white button down and tie, like a much younger, even smoother Jim Halpert. This video is clearly for Mahomies and fans of The Office alike, and the cast does its best to match the NBC sitcom's quirkiness level. But does Mr. Mahone win his new crush? Watch the video below to find out.

In a recent album news update, Austin told Billboard, "It was definitely a little bit difficult to get to this point, just because I wanted to find my sound and grow as an artist." Do you think his labor of love is finally paying off? Let us know what you think of the video — and the song — in the comments.

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