If the world had any doubts that Austin Mahone is the next big thing, here's irrefutable proof that he's on his way to major stardom: He's scored a McDonald's commercial!

The 17-year-old's endorsement deal with the fast-food giant follows in the steps of pop superstars Destiny's Child, Ashanti and Justin Timberlake, to whom Austin has been compared.

In the cute, 30-second clip, Mahone is recording vocals for hit single 'What About Love' when he is distracted by friends in the control room eating McDonald's breakfast sandwiches. He accidentally messes up the song's lyrics, changing "you take it all and leave me nothing" to a line about "bacon" and "muffin." The session engineer calls him on the mistake, and Austin's reaction is priceless.

Watch the commercial above and let us know what you think -- are YOU lovin' it?

Meanwhile, don't forget to catch Austin performing 'What About Love' during the MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show on Sunday (Aug. 25) at 8PM ET. Let's hope for no distractions concerning food this time!