Things have gone from pretty bad to worse for Austin Mahone in the past 24 hours. The teen dream has been forced to fully postpone his two-week MTV Artist to Watch Tour because of his illness; the tour was to be his first headline run and was due to start this week.

The adorbs 'What About Love' singer, 17, shared photos of himself in the hospital yesterday (Oct. 17), wearing a gown, with an IV drip close at hand. He has come down with a major case of the flu and it's rendering him unable to embark on the tour.

Yeah, we know. It sucks for him and for Mahomies.

The teen is not stoked about it, and something tells us he fought his doctors and managers when they told him he was too sick to hit the road and would have to delay the trek.

His mom Michele posted the tweets below to his account last night. He's too sick to even tweet.

Poor kid! Austin, please, focus on getting better. Mahomies will see you on tour when you are 100 percent. It's better to have you operating on a fully-charged battery than a fading one.

You're worth the wait, kiddo!