Austin Mahone has released his video for 'What About Love,' and while he wasn't as cinematic with his scope as Justin Bieber was for 'As Long as You Love Me' -- being a newcomer, we doubt that recruiting major actors is in Austin's budget yet -- we couldn't help but notice similarities between the two clips.

So, after viewing both music videos, which one do you like best? Austin Mahone's 'What About Love' or Justin Bieber's 'As Long as You Love Me'?

In his new 'What About Love' clip, we see Austin at his most mature yet. The singer deals with heartbreak throughout the clip, dancing out his emotions as the heavy beat blares. In the beginning, we see flashes of him with his former flame, as they frolic on the beach, looking happy as heck to be together. However, things turn sour, and Austin spends the rest of the video trying to win her back, all while looking super cool and showing off some awesome choreo.

On the contrary, Justin Bieber is just trying to be with his girl, who still loves him too, but her evil dad ('Reservoir Dogs' actor Michael Madsen) is trying to tear them apart. Bieber's acting skills are put to the test, as he runs around a railroad station looking absolutely frantic as he addresses the internal conflict within: Does he go get his girl and risk the consequences, or does he just move on? He goes with the first option, but not before he has a sweet dance session in a parking garage. (Austin does the same thing in his clip too!)

So, which video could you watch over and over again? Vote for Austin Mahone's 'What About Love' or Justin Bieber's 'As Long as You Love Me' below!

Watch the Austin Mahone 'What About Love' Video

Watch the Justin Bieber 'As Long as You Love Me' Video Feat. Big Sean