Madonna had fans squealing when she made an unexpected cameo at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami at the end of March 2012. While there, Madonna talked about her love for EDM -- that's electronic dance music for all of you not-so-acronym-savvy folks -- but she also performed onstage with 'Levels' DJ Avicii, who remixed her track 'Girl Gone Wild' at the fest.

In a new video that has surfaced from Ultra Music Fest, Madonna is pictured onstage with Avicii dancing and pumping her fists to the beat of his 'Girl Gone Wild' remix. The remix has all of Madge's original vocals, but the 22-year-old Swedish hitmaker lent his signature electro sounds to the back beat of the UMF Mix version. While Madge's version of 'Girl Gone Wild' is danceable as is, the revamped Avicii version is like an all-out party, with intense synth and Eurodance beats added to the 'MDNA' track.

After you watch the video of Avicii performing the track live alongside Madonna, you might be super jealous of everyone who was present at the pulse-pounding show. It looks like one of the most epic dance parties in the world! Also, even though he's a star in his own right, this must've been a pretty surreal moment for Avicii, since he's such a young'n performing with one of pop culture's greatest musical icons.

Check out the video of Madonna and Avicii getting down to 'Girl Gone Wild' UMF Mix in Miami and let us know if you like this version or the original better in the comments below!

Watch Madonna + Avicii Perform 'Girl Gone Wild' UMF MIX