Congrats to Justin Bieber. The singer, who mined his heartbreak over his split with Selena Gomez into song, has debuted at No. 1 -- again -- with his acoustic EP, 'Believe Acoustic.' Biebs going No. 1? Big deal and old hat, right? Well, when you consider that he has enjoyed his fifth No. 1 and is the first artist to do so before reaching the age of 19, color us impressed.

Early figures from trade mag Hits are in, indicating that 'Believe Acoustic' shifted over 200,000 copies after just a week in stores. With his 'SNL' hosting gig on the horizon this weekend, keeping him in the spotlight and high-profile, just like all those blunt and Ferrari news items, and the fact that his beloved Beliebers gobble up everything he releases with equal fervor, we're not shocked that the Biebs achieved yet another impressive feat.

The kid won't even turn 19 until March 1, and he already has more chart-toppers than most artists will ever have. It's official -- Da Biebs is no joke, and even as his voice and his music mature, Beliebers are firmly strapped in and riding sidecar, accompanying him for the ride, wherever it may take them.

Congrats again, kiddo!

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