Singer-songwriter Ben Folds puts his unique spin on the queen of all things party with a cover of Kesha's 'Sleazy.'

Folds, a seasoned musician who has been spotted as a judge on NBC's 'The Sing Off,' is notorious for being a funny guy -- so when we heard he'd tapped into Kesha, we knew it'd be for our humor's benefit. The best part is that Folds never even cracks a smile while spouting out the ridiculously unfitting lyrics, specifically the line, "I don't wanna go places where all my ladies can't get in / Just grab a bottle, some boys, and let's take it back to my basement."

Not only does Folds keep it real in his Kesha tribute, he does it so artistically that it's like a whole new song ... Better than the original, even. Watch B.F. and his homies lay down this dance-pop tune in a new way, and let us know which version is your fave.

Did we mention that you can download the song for charity? Click here to get your hands on a copy of Folds' 'Sleazy' rendition and send your money to tsunami relief.

Check Out Ben Folds' Hilarious 'Sleazy' Cover

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