Move over, Rebecca Black, because Benni Cinkle -- the 'girl in pink' from the 'Friday' video -- wants her own moment to shine. Black's backseat buddy (you may remember her awkward dance moves) is making her music video debut with 'Can You See Me Now,' a three-and-a-half-minute run of bright lights and glitter, mixed with a few serious subjects.

Ironically enough, this sparkly dance video not only contains some sweet break dancing and the peppy spirit of the '80s, but touches on some real life teen issues like teen pregnancy, coming out gay, cutting, child abuse, eating disorders and bullying -- the last of which Black and Benni Cinkle can easily relate to following the uber-viral 'Friday' run of 2011.

"We're all trapped in some kind of crazy shell," Benni sings to the characters that are feeling low, while dozens of dancers spin in front of crazy backgrounds. Despite the serious subjects that the video touches on, this is just about as cheesy as it gets.

Somewhere around the middle of the clip, Cinkle entices the put down and abused to "stand up and shout," before popping out of her own cocoon and growing butterfly wings. From there, the 'Can You See Me Now' music video is a 13-year-old girl's dream.

One really good thing that we will say about Benni is that she's using her D-list status to help others. On her website,, of course, teens can click on the 'Get Help' section to reach out for information on all sorts of topics, from depression to homosexual support groups, and even just get a shoulder to lean on in general. Also on the pink site, you can order a bracelet for just $1, which includes a signed photo from the 13-year-old rising star -- and all proceeds are donated to the ASPCA. Benni has shown her support for other charities across the board, like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Japan Relief, and even offers a free cyber-bullying handbook for young adults to download.

This one is certainly better than 'Friday,' and we wouldn't be surprised if the next video we see has Black dancing in the background with Benni leading the way. She's certainly got her head on straight!

Watch the Benni Cinckle 'Can You See Me Now' Video