Are you struggling to choose between a pair of Hocus Pocus-worthy Halloween costumes this autumn? Beyonce identifies.

In a segment from the next issue of BEATfor which Bey is the cover star, the "Drunk in Love" singer answers an important question: Which Beyonce look would she, herself, recreate for Halloween? Would it be the "Single Ladies" leotard? Might the gilded "Work it Out" mini dress make the final cut? Nope. She says she'd go even a little more old school.

"Destiny’s Child 'Survivor'-era with the army fatigues," Beyonce offers. "Or maybe 'Bootylicious' with the gold tooth and pink tips in my hair."

A couple of solid choices! And either way, you know a sense of relentless confidence will be sewn into either garment, and Bey notes that she's learned true success can only come from accepting that failure is possible.

"What does fear taste like? Success," she says. "I have accomplished nothing without a little taste of fear in my mouth"

And speaking of taste, Beyonce definitely has a favorite pizza topping. Guess what it is!

"Extra tomato sauce and jalapeños."


Check out more from the Q&A—including Bey's preferred sing-in-the-shower song, and whether she prefers Netflix OR chill—and tell us which Beyonce alter-ego you'd assume this Halloween.

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