Beyonce performed the gospel song, 'Take My Hand, Precious Lord' at the 2015 Grammy Awards and, by the end of her performance, we could feel our souls leaving our bodies and rising up to the heavens above to meet her there, where she probably has an official residency forever.

Decked out in a beautiful white gown with her long, honey-brown hair parted down the center, Beyonce was an ethereal vision with the vocals of a goddess who took a page right out of Hozier's book when she took us all to church with that performance. Is there anyone on this planet more beautiful, resplendent, luminous, effervescent and hashtag-flawless than Beyonce Knowles? The answer is a resounding "no" and if you believe otherwise it will be the first time an opinion may be officially invalidated.

With a gospel choir performing behind her, Beyonce held her outstretched hand to us as she sang, and in that moment we knew we would follow her here, there, into the dark, wherever. But we also know we are not worthy of being in the presence of her greatness and that brought us right back down to Earth.

Check out Beyonce's performance in the video above and -- if you somehow aren't already a member -- prepare to be indoctrinated into the Beyhive.

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