Beyonce's new video 'Party' -- featuring J. Cole, who shows up to rap, and her former Destiny's Child partner Kelly Rowland, who is on site as window dressing -- has dropped. It's centered around a trailer park 'hood and a subsequent soiree, starting out with a ghetto fab Bey dressed in rainbow bright colors and cooking in a skillet, with one of her neighbors drinking from a hose.

The action shifts from the double wide to the backyard, with Bey floating in an above ground pool while singing and entertaining her guests. There's a little side boobage thanks to that low cut magenta one-piece bathing suit. We told you it's ghetto faboo!

Rapper J. Cole shows up and delivers his raps, sitting on the bumper of a truck with Bey seated to his side for a few.

Not to be outdone by all the trashy glam that surrounds her, Bey puts on her make up in a tiny bathroom, sitting on the toilet while doing so.

Rowland makes her appearance about three minutes in, as she and Bey are propped up against a red muscle car and Bey's standing out thanks to that Big Bird style, yellow feather coat. She makes that look good.

Not only does Bey like to party. The expectant mama likes to drop videos with great frequency. Over the past several weeks, she's unleashed clips for 'Countdown' and 'Love on Top.' The vid for 'Party' shows yet another side of the Queen B.

Watch the Beyonce 'Party' Video