Check out these gorgeous, makeup-free gals. As you can see from these photos, 'Diva' songstress Beyonce and 'X Factor' judge Demi Lovato are both natural beauties, with neither requiring makeup to wow people with their otherworldly looks. Even though both of these entertainers are beyond pretty, who gets your vote for the star that looks best without makeup?

Like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Demi have zero fears when it comes to posting pictures of themselves makeup-free. On her website, Blue Ivy's mama posts a ton of pictures of herself without makeup. It seems as if Beyonce prefers a fresh face, as there are so many pictures of her out and about with friends without her mascara, lipstick and foundation. She has a flawless complexion as is, and her smile beams without any artificial enhancements.

Then there's Demi Lovato, who basically looks like she's wearing makeup even when she isn't. She's been blessed with naturally rosy lips, gorgeous skin and dark eyelashes, so it's basically like Demi got a permanent makeover from Mother Nature. Although she tends to rock really cool dramatic eyeliner and eye-catching bold lips when she does wear her professionally-done makeup, we really think Demi looks her best when she's just hanging at home without all of the maquillage.

We're blown away by how pretty these ladies look without makeup, and also a bit jealous! Who gets your vote for the star who looks best without makeup: Bey or Demi? Cast yours below!