Considering Big Time Rush have achieved massive global success and multi Platinum sales throughout their career, it's a little baffling (yet simultaneously impressive) that they've done so without much radio support nor trophies to line their mantles.

Part of this is because of the group's formation. They star on Nickelodeon's 'Big Time Rush,' which is how they came together: By auditioning to play a boy band on TV. However, the birth of Big Time Rush the band is, by most accounts, just as organic as the formation of any other mainstream boy band of the last 20 years. They may have been manufactured, but that doesn't mean they're not perfectly and expertly crafted.

Based on the standard version of '24/Seven' alone, it's fair to say that the band's lack of mainstream recognition, at least in comparison to their peers, is wholly unwarranted. They've got talent to spare and hooks that will ingrain themselves in your brain for days -- like, 24/7.

As their Nick series gets ready to come to a close, Big Time Rush are making the most of the time that they do have. '24/Seven,' hitting shelves June 11, couldn't be timed more perfectly: Not only are the band heading out on tour with fellow Nick star Victoria Justice beginning June 21, but their newest album is bursting with summery anthems that their beloved Rushers will likely belt right along with them.

1. '24/Seven'
The title track is a summer jam if there ever was one: Guitars, lyrics like "We are golden like the sun" and "Every day's a holiday," a danceable beat: This is pop perfection in an ode to doing what you want regardless of what others say. If there were ever a song that summed up Big Time Rush as a whole, it would be '24/Seven.'

2. 'Like Nobody's Around'
"Turn up the radio / So what if we lose control / Let's get a little rock n' roll," the BTR boys sing. The song isn't too rock n' roll in itself, but is a midtempo pop track with a "Whoa-oh" refrain that will likely reverberate among the stadiums the guys will perform in this summer.

3. 'Get Up'
Big Time Rush have a young fan base, as is to be expected with a band that got its start on a Nickelodeon series. However, it's still a little off-putting that the hook of 'Get Up' sounds like its own 'Kidz Bop' cover. While the song isn't by any means bad, compared to the confections that pepper the rest of '24/Seven,' 'Get Up' is slightly lackluster.

4. 'Song For You' Feat. Karmin
You know how Big Time Rush are friends with these British guys in some band called One Direction? You do? You can tell on 'Song For You,' which sounds like it was stripped right off of 'Take Me Home' -- and we mean that in the best way possible. From the harmonies to the staccato vocals to the romantic, somewhat silly lyrics, it's absolutely infectious.

5. 'Run Wild'
"Run wild / And never look back / Never look back / The night is waiting," Big Time Rush belt. While the band encourages listeners to let loose, the group themselves seem slightly restrained on 'Run Wild,' which is ironic since the song is about not playing it safe. Playing it safe sounds great, for the record -- but mixing it up does too.

6. 'Crazy for You'
The reggae-tinged 'Crazy for You' is an adorable ditty that will evoke Bruno Mars vibes from listeners. From the island-inspired production to the "whoa-oh-oh-oh" refrain, the track is just cute: How can you resist a song in which the band praises how pretty a girl looks when she's sick as a dog?

7. 'Picture This'
Hand claps! Guitars! This is trademark Big Time Rush, and it works beautifully. The summer release of '24/Seven' is no accident, either: BTR want you to picture a cute couple on a boardwalk, falling asleep on the beach and driving around with the top down while singing, "Girl, can you picture this / Whoa-oh-oh-oh."

8. 'Confetti'
'Confetti' is an interesting mix of ballad-like vocals with a comparatively uptempo beat. It doesn't completely work, but it's prime for remixing.

9. 'Amazing'
What makes a girl amazing? Not complaining when the guys in Big Time Rush stay out all night and sleep in all day. The song doesn't quite live up to its title, as the melody isn't as immediately gripping as the hooks on the rest of the record.

10. 'We Are'
Gang vocals about seizing the moments: "We are young and dumb / Always chasing something." Big Time Rush may sound like they're selling themselves short, but it's actually a pretty stately closer, featuring U2-inspired guitars and a lot of self-awareness.



Watch the Big Time Rush 'Like Nobody's Around' Video