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The boys of summer Big Time Rush are known for their goofy antics both on an off camera, but they also have incredible work ethic. Together, Carlos, Logan, James and Kendall co-wrote 12 songs off of their most recent album, '24/7' (if you include the deluxe edition tracks), and at the time of this interview, had just spent five days rehearsing before they kicked off their summer tour with Victoria Justice.

PopCrush cannot get enough of these adorable boys, and so we have a Big Time Treat for you: An intimate interview and a game of improv, all captured on video. It's equal parts serious and silly (but more silly).

In the video above, the boys dish on their summer tour, and how they are including their latest hits 'Crazy for U,' 'Amazing,' '24/7,' 'Confetti Falling' and more on the set list. But James seems more excited about 'We Are,' which he reveals would most likely be the closer. [Editor's note: Their tour had not kicked off yet at the time of this interview.]

When asked what the next single and/or video would be, Logan mentions that 'Song for You' (which features Karmin), would be a good pick, deeming it "the perfect summer single." We think so, too!

The boys then talk about the songs they enjoyed working on the most. Carlos mentions that the best part of the songwriting process was getting everyone over to his house to work on 'Picture This.' "They came over, spent a whole day, ordered food, hung out, recorded two songs... for me, that was kind of cool to have the boys over at my house to record something that was going to be on the album," he explains.

Then, we made the boys play Big Time Improv. It goes like this: They pick a song off '24/7' from one bucket, and a random music genre from another, and must fuse the two together in a skit filled with singing and acting. The end result? Hilarious renditions of 'Picture This,' 'We Are,' '24/7,' 'Crazy for U,' and 'Amazing.'

In under 3 1/2 minutes, the boys scat, play the trumpet, wear fake mustaches and rock out on blow-up guitars. Carlos performs an interesting Mariachi-Italian version of 'We Are,' while Logan wows us with his hair metal impression. Look out for Kendall getting hit over the head with a saxophone, oh… and a giraffe getting lei'd.

Which skit is your favorite? Watch the improv video below!

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