It's the battle of the music videos! Big Time Rush recently dropped their new video for 'Windows Down,' and it got us thinking about some other videos from boy bands. The high-energy 'Windows Down' clip is full of extreme sports and fun in the sun, so we were curious to see how the action-packed visual would stand up against One Direction and their super cute video for 'One Thing' in a readers poll battle.

In the clip for 'Windows Down,' the guys from Big Time Rush hit the beach for some surfing, paddle boarding, and cliff diving. It's crazy seeing Carlos, Kendall, Logan and James doing such daredevil-ish stunts, and it's even better seeing them with their shirts off! They later head out for some off-roading with their lady friends, and end their big day with a beach party. It's pretty much the perfect summertime clip.

On the other hand, we've got the guys from One Direction. Their individual personalities really shine through in their clip for 'One Thing,' as we see Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn goof off throughout the clip, dancing and striking poses on the steps where they sing and getting silly in a field with some toy cars and bouncy balls. They later take a ride through London on a double-decker bus, waving to fans and looking like the happiest quintet we've ever seen. One thing the 'One Thing' video really achieves? Making us smile!

So, PopCrush readers, who do you think has the better music video? One Direction with 'One Thing' or Big Time Rush's 'Windows Down'? If you haven't seen the clips yet, check them out below and cast your vote! You can come back every hour and vote again, too, so don't let your favorite boy banders lose!

Watch the Big Time Rush 'Windows Down' Video

Watch the One Direction 'One Thing' Video