Bindi Irwin, the teenage daughter of the late Steve Irwin, has been killing it on this season’s Dancing With The Stars, but she’s currently tied up in a legal infraction that could prevent her from getting paid for her appearance on the show.

According to TMZ, a judge recently rejected a contract Bindi submitted, because in order for the terms to stick she needs to prove that her dad — whose tragic death in 2006 was highly publicized — is actually dead.

Because Bindi is 17-years-old she was forced to submit a minor’s contract to the court, signed by her parents. This indicates that they fully surrender all rights to the money Bindi might make on the show. Her mother, Terri, already signed the contract, but without proof of her father's death, Bindi’s contract will be rejected again. The judge made the ruling because without the death certificate "the court is unable to find that it is in the best interest of the minor to be bound by the terms of the contract."

TMZ says the show’s lawyers are willing to do "what it takes" to settle the dispute and have the judge sign off on the contract. And let's hope so: So far, Bindi is guaranteed a $125,000 paycheck just for appearing on Dancing With The Stars. With each week she stays on the show, her pay amount increases, and because she’s made it to the show’s eighth week so far, she’s guaranteed a minimum of $230,000.

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