Bitch, she's Madonna, and if, by chance, the sentiment hasn't registered, she'll very happily repeat herself.

On the heels of hints that Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and more of music's finest might appear in the video for her Madgesty's new single, "Bitch I'm Madonna," the pop queen has released five brand new remixes of Rebel Heart's latest offering. Yup, in the event you've already played the original, which features Nicki Minaj, into the ground, you've now got enough Material Girl to keep you sated through Labor Day.

Below, you can hear renderings by DJs Oscar G, Rosabel and Sander Kleinenberg, who've each taken the track and run with it. Take a listen to each, and tell us which will have you dancing until dawn this summer.

Oscar G 305 Dub: Bold, steady and a bit reminiscent of "Let's Have a Kiki"...which you certainly should, if this mix is up your alley.

Oscar G Bitch Beats: A twist on the 305 Dub with bits of breakneck percussion and whistling that'll have you convinced you're listening from the steps of Grand Central.

Rosabel's Bitch Move Dub: An unashamed thumper with buzzing yellow-jacket production to spare. Not a master of the d-floor? You might be after this.

Rosabel's Bitch Move Mix: Seemingly scored by Frogger's quest to cross that damn highway, Rosabel's second offering will certainly get your heart good and spiked.

Sander Kleinenberg Club Mix: Light, twangy with episodes of climactic synth. Plus: It features the most Nicki of them all!

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