"Viva Forever" — a 1997 Spice Girls hit and a testament to Blake Lively's fandom of the group.

Earlier this month, a woman named Bria Madrid — who must have been rummaging through her old photo albums — drummed up an image from a Spice Girls concert with an unexpected feature: Lively, herself. The image includes a five-year-old Madrid and Lively, dressed in head-to-toe Baby Spice garb (pigtails included!).

"Found a picture when I was 5 at my first concert. #SpiceGirls and took a picture with a girl dressed up as Baby Spice who I just realized now was @blakelively," Madrid wrote, to which Lively replied: "My secret is out."

But what was the degree of Lively's fandom, and how did she get that Emma Bunton-worthy dress? She told Yahoo!, finally, in an interview published Wednesday (August 22).

“My mom made that dress, actually,” she said. “And then I got the platform shoes, which was a huge thing, because I got good grades that year. I had the Baby Spice necklace. And I was so flattered, because I remember some little girl who was much younger than me asked to take a picture, because she thought I was Baby Spice.”

Lively added that she had “no aspirations” to be an actress or famous at the time, but enjoyed being “recognized for being someone I wasn’t.” Enter: Gossip Girl...

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