BoA, Queen of K-Pop, hasn't really recorded anything in English since the release of her criminally overlooked 2009 self-titled English language debut, apart from some English versions of singles here and there, like 2013's "Tail of Hope."

But out of nowhere, BoA's returned with a new song in English...

...for a Japanese TV drama...

...with gay undertones.

BoA Gasp

What have we done to deserve this blessing? Unclear, but eternally grateful.

"Make Me Complete" serves as the theme for the upcoming two-part Fuji TV historical drama series set in the Edo period called Ooku, starring AKB48 member Mayu Watanabe and actress Erika Sawajiri, who will play two women involved in a "forbidden lesbian affair."

Between this and her performance at San Francisco Pride years ago, it's safe to say that BoA has now officially joined the ranks as a tireless LGBT warrior. Icon!

As for the song itself? It's actually really, really great.

BoA's never sung an English ballad on her own (she did do that "Flying Without Wings" duet with Westlife), so this is already a major moment for the prolific pop star. The lyrics are poignant, as BoA emotionally croons across the piano and string-filled midtempo production with a frustration that surely matches the forbidden love theme: "I'm a victim of your uncertain love / Afraid to show my heart, and it's because of you!" she cries.

It also sounds like someone's interested in dabbling in the English market again. Look, American audiences are starting to warm to K-Pop. Kind of.

Give us another go, BoA. Please! #JusticeForEatYouUp

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