Merely hours after leaving the funeral of ex wife Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown took to the stage in Connecticut for a concert with New Edition."This is part of the cap off of what's to come in my life," Brown said as he walked onstage. "I want to give blessings to my ex wife," he said, pointing at the sky. "Whitney Houston. I love you. I want to give blessings to my kids, my fiancee, my brothers." Brown then introduced himself as "bada-- Bobby Brown."

While Brown has come under flak for his continuing to perform so soon after Houston's passing (he also performed the night of her death, merely hours after finding out), a friend previously explained that performing is therapeutic for the 'My Prerogative' singer. He previously has paid tribute to Houston onstage since her death on Feb. 11.

What may rub some the wrong way about Brown's performance is that he left Houston's funeral early and abruptly before his Connecticut show. While initial reports suggested Brown was upset that he couldn't invite his "entourage" to sit with him, Brown later released a statement explaining that he was neither allowed to sit with his family nor to see his daughter with Houston, Bobbi Kristina.

While we can understand the frustration at Brown's behavior, we can also understand Brown's under frustration. Everyone grieves and mourns differently, and no one should judge how another reacts to such a sudden, tragic event. Our hearts go out to all who knew and loved Houston. May she rest in -- and may her family find -- peace.

Watch Bobby Brown Onstage After Whitney Houston's Funeral