After reuniting with Monica on the duet ballad 'It All Belongs to Me,' Brandy taps Chris Brown for the uptempo track 'Put It Down.' The song, which was produced by Bangladesh and co-written by Sean "the Pen" Garrett, will hit digital outlets on May 8.

The bubbly track features Brandy complementing a prospective beau on his swag. "Your talking is so tough / Damn, I love it all / Even the way you flex / That's what turns me on," she sings. On the chorus she states, "If you put it down right/ Like the way I want it / Play your cards right / Maybe we can fall in love."

Meanwhile, Breezy comes through with his 'Look At Me Now'-type flow and spits come-ons to the R&B songbird. "Nobody put it down like me, though / Why you playing? / Girl, you know / With all this money and all your cake girl you better stop / I have a big ego," he raps.

Brandy says working with Brown on the song was an "amazing" experience, while the 'Deuces' singer believes that Brandy is the "best female vocalist" in R&B.

Mutual infatuation aside, the two singers "put it down" on this commercially-driven track.

Brandy's new album 'Two Eleven' (which represents the numerical month and day of her birthday) will arrive in stores this summer.

Listen to Brandy, 'Put It Down' Feat. Chris Brown