As a recording artist, Brandy has drawn the praise of crowds, critics and Grammy-voters. As a performer on New York City's 1 Train? Crickets.

Yesterday (July 13), the singer experienced a very harsh reality of life in the Big Apple: Commuters are about as friendly as Oscar the Grouch, as when she opened her mouth to share a song with her fellow underground travelers, she was met with deafening silence. Candy Crush wins out yet again.

"People in New York are very rude," Brandy, who's disguised in a zip-up hoodie and sunglasses, says in a jokey, affected accent in the clip above. "Like, Oh, my God. I just sang from the heart, okay?!"

And when it's very clear her lovely performance of "Home" from The Wiz hasn't registered, Brandy moves to call her mom for some support. Sadly, she's forgotten that there's no service below the streets, and just when it seems like all hope is lost, a single rider gives her a vote of confidence just before she steps out of the train onto the 50th Street platform.

"Don't be scared, you've got talent, man!" a rider says, who insists she'd be able to snatch more attention if she wasn't too timid to perform more boldly. Perhaps you should take a second look, aloof woman with Lululemon bag in tow!

Check out Brandy's incognito performance, and tell us if it would've stolen your attention away from your tablet.

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