Usually, being pregnant is a matter of science, of mother nature, of the body. It's not a matter of opinion. You are or you aren't. Turns out that Disney star Brenda Song is likely not pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Trace Cyrus, aka the Brother of Miley. So Miley doesn't need to hit Babies 'R Us for a shopping spree anytime soon, it would seem.

News broke last month that Song had a bun in the oven but Song's own mother is saying that her daughter is not pregnant. She told Star (via Radar Online) that her daughter is not about to become a mom for the first time. Wait, what?

"She's actually not pregnant ... It's very upsetting to our family because of what I'm going through and it's not how we raised her," Mai Song went on record as saying. We're not raising our eyebrows at Mama Song's assertion, since Brenda, 23, was photographed on Tuesday, with a conspicuously absent baby bump. If that's not photographic evidence of her own mother's claim, we don't know what is.

So it appears that Song is unpregnant. It makes one wonder if this was a rumor that got out of control or if Brenda Song herself started it. Given her mother's statements, it would seem that the latter case occurred. What a Song family scandal. We hope it gets sorted out soon.