A good dance beat is timeless. Case in point? Golden Girls' "Kinetic," the hypnotic, immediately recognizable early '90's rave staple that has continued to be remixed and reinvented for over twenty years.

Also timeless? The voice herself, Whitney Houston, whose back catalog of classics continue to inspire each and every new generation of artists.

Luckily, Bright Light Bright Light, who recently played a set at British Summer Time 2015, has done us all a favor and found a way to combine the two into one spectacularly nostalgic track.

"I made a bootleg of Whitney's track over Golden Girls' instrumental for my DJ sets and I really loved playing it out, so when we started doing more Pride events and club shows, I thought it would be fun to just perform it and I have so much fun singing it," the singer-songwriter told us about the mash-up. Today, we're bringing you the premiere of the studio version of Bright Light Bright Light's "How Will I Know" x "Kinetic" mash-up, which you can listen to above.

For dance nerds and pop aficionados alike, this one's a treat: "Old house-heads spot the 'Kinetic' track straight away, and when pop fans hear the first Whitney line, it's a nice surprise. One of my favourite moments in our live sets this year."

Make sure to grab this track for your party playlist before you head off twirling into the weekend.

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