The Las Vegas Sun's Robin Leach has learned an incredibly valuable lesson in the past few weeks: Britney Spears hates f--king waitin', but not as much as her mighty, increasingly impatient Britney Army.

The consistently reliable Insiderney provided a taste of a poison paradise earlier this month by revealing that B-Girl's new single, "Make Me (Oooh)," will make us collectively oooh beginning in May, with an ninth studio album to follow shortly thereafter.

And now, Leach has returned with even more scoop (and a cry for help) today (April 29)...which he may or may not have been bullied by this fanbase into providing.

"Two weeks ago, I Wicked Whispered the possibility of Britney appearing on the live, three-hour telecast of the 2016 Billboard Music Awards at our new T-Mobile Arena on May 22. Ever since, fans have blasted me for not telling them if it was true, if it was confirmed, then because I could only say that negotiations were continuing, they really turned up the heat on me saying they’d learned from Britney’s staff that it was an untrue rumor," he wrote, presumably from an underground bunker deep in the desert.

"I’m not being a smart aleck, but let me just tell all her fans that my sources are impeccably reliable and far more revealing to me than you, so don’t work yourself into such a frenzy."

And then, the real doozy: "Expect a big announcement Monday from Billboard Music Awards producers that will make you all happy. I know what’s coming but am sworn to secrecy until then. Britney’s fans will be very happy, and our scoops do come true."

To translate that into Brit-ish: "You're gonna have to wait and see."

Piece Of Me hottie-dancer Willie Gomez only added fuel to the (cold as) fire of Billboardney happening, reblogging the news on his Facebook and Twitter with a brief, but telling message: "Things are getting exciting!"

To recap: (A) "Make Me (Oooh)" is coming, (B) B9 is coming and (C) a Billboard Music Awards announcement is coming — now breathe (on me) and go outside.

And, for the love of Godney, leave Robin Leach alone.

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