It's been almost exactly two years since The Legendary Miss Britney Spears first launched her massively successful, glittery, goofy, artsy-fartsy and occasionally outburst-filled Piece Of Me residency in Las Vegas — and she's just extended the show's run for two more years straight through into 2017.

Sometimes she runs, sometimes she gets bored — and so, according to a reliable source in Vegas, she's about to give Piece Of Me a major makeover. ("T-t-this is the remix," if you will.)

Deep into an article about B-Girl's appearance at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Linq Promenade (a major flashback to seeing a Baby Brit Brit singing "Silent Night" at Rockfeller Center back in 1999), The Las Vegas Sun's Robin Leach revealed that he's been "reliably told" that Piece Of Me will undergo "about a 50 percent change in songs, music and dance routines, with new costumes."

From the Las Vegas Sun:

Britney will vacation with her sons while on her Las Vegas break, then Jan. 4 in a Los Angeles dance studio will begin work on a new look to “Piece of Me.” I am reliably told that it will undergo about a 50 percent change in songs, music and dance routines, with new costumes. The first look onstage of the reimagined show at Planet Hollywood will be on Feb. 13.

If this is indeed true, what can we expect from a brand new Piece Of Me?

Will "Alien" finally get the staging it deserves? (Preferably involving a spaceship.) Will she ditch that "Lucky" swing? Will she finally just do us all a favor and perform "Born To Make You Happy"? Or "Don't Go Knockin' On My Door"? It would fit in so well with the moving screens from the "I Wanna Go" routine! Or "My Prerogative" for the first time in her career?Or "Right Now (Taste The Victory)"? Or her amazing Circus Tour cover of Alanis' "You Oughta Know"? Or "And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix)"? Will there be #B9 songs in the mix? OR ALL OF THE ABOVE? (Trust, it's really fine if you lose "Pretty Girls," B.)

The exact plan for the set list is still unclear, but if it's really happening, prices on flights heading to Las Vegas are going to severely spike come February.

For now, you're just gonna have to...wait and see.

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