Did you know that Britney Spears' current assistant, Vicky T, was formerly the keytarist for Cobra Starship?

Fans of the Princess of Pop were recently surprised to find out her assistant Vicky T is an icon of the MySpace-era dance-pop scene. Twitter user @ReallyGordon recently tweeted about the discovery, which quickly went viral.

Vicky T seemingly joined Britney's team around November 2021 and reportedly introduced herself as an assistant at a Van Gogh event that the "Toxic" singer attended. She also tweeted in support of Britney being freed from her longtime conservatorship spent under the control of her father, Jamie Spears.

However, in early 2022, some fans believed that Vicky T was in control of Britney's social media accounts after a video of the Crossroads star was shared on her accounts. The video showed a reflection of Vicky in a mirror, filming the clip.

"I am in control of MY social media and MY social media alone," Vicky T wrote in an Instagram post, seemingly addressing the rumors. "Have you ever held up a phone/camera for a friend when they asked you to and they pose and instruct you to accomplish exactly what they want? I’m sure you have. THAT is what is going on here. So many of you are SO quick to judge, SO opinionated and SO controlling and I wish you all would just enjoy scrolling instead of trolling. It’s a far more pleasant experience. Try it out!"

In a previous Instagram livestream, Vicky T also addressed a certain subgroup of Britney fans who have made nasty comments about her. "The majority of you [fans] are cool as hell," she said. "But there are some of you that reach out to me or tag me in stuff that's gossip things, I couldn't care less about."

Vicky T added that negative comments regarding her hair, makeup and personal social media accounts have been uncalled for.

Aside from her previous work in Cobra Starship, Vicky T is working on new solo music.

"I need to release more music finally. Have so many songs just hanging around that have yet to be properly mixed. Just deciding now … I’m going to put out an EP this year," she revealed. "Appreciate each and every one of you that has ever listened, danced, sung along to something I’ve made."

Cobra Starship broke up in 2015 when the members left to pursue other creative endeavors. Some members of the group had a brief reunion in December 2021 when lead singer Gabe Saporta released the song "Party With You," originally intended for the group's hit 2009 album, Hot Mess.

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