Even though she is in the middle of a hoppin' cycle for 'Femme Fatale,' Britney Spears will issue some more music imminently in the form of a follow-up remix album. As a result, the cover for 'B in the Mix, The Remixes 2' has hit the web and it will feature unreleased tracks.

Sony Japan has posted the information and the cover a bit early and while no US release date has been confirmed, the remixes are slated to drop in Australia on Sept. 30. 'B in the Mix, The Remixes 2' follows 2005's 'B in the Mix, The Remixes,' which landed in Nov. 2005.

The new disc's cover is quite similar to the original 'B in the Mix, The Remixes,' with the graphic butterfly and stars. While the first cover features a younger, shorter-haired Brit Brit busting a move, the sequel's cover is designed around a somewhat unflattering shot of the normally gorgeous star. She is smirking, her hair is in her face and it appears as though she is wearing some sort of silky pajama type outfit, the pants of which she is holding up. We're used to the big hair with Brit, but it's not fashionable in this shot. It's certainly not her best look.

Let's hope that the remixes contained within the disc get the club crews moving, grooving and holding their drinks up. Brit's music is crucial to club culture and vice versa, even if she looks unhappy on the cover of the remix disc.

Considering how blazing hot Brit was at the VMAs with that dangerously short black mini dress and those "right now," super sexy patent leather peep toe bootie heels, 'The Remixes 2' photo is disappointing. Maybe Brit's peeps will see this type of dissent and swap out the photo. Just sayin'.