"You better work, bitch." -- Britney Spears to prospective employees (kind of).

As part of NBC's Best Time Everin which host Neil Patrick Harris invites celebrities to complete seemingly random tasks (Reese Witherspoon rode down a zipline recently, for some reason), Brit Brit took on a mission called "Voice in Your Head." The stunt involved listening to NPH's and Joe Jonas' secret direction through an earpiece while interviewing prospective bodyguards, and Britney swore she'd obey each command.

As solid first impressions are crucial in the professional world, Brit's instructed in the video above to greet the guys warmly by saying things like "I'm the one and only Britney Spears" and "It's Britney, bitch." Soon though, she gets down to brass tacks, and demonstrates her talent for juggling water bottles while asking if one former military man is "stronger than a tank."

Words are just words, though, so to ensure each of her three candidates has got what it takes to keep her safe, Brit unwittingly challenges the men to find a cactus hidden somewhere in her residency theater's seating. And when the threat of motionless plants is effectively neutralized, she's got one more task: Protect me while I perform my latest "Toxic" choreography!

"Be inconspicuous!" she demands.

"You full of surprises, you know that?" a potential future Team Britney member observes. You're not kidding...

Check out the clip, and watch NPH continue humiliating your favorite celebs on Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST on NBC.

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