UPDATE (8/10): ...Oops! As promised, "Clumsy" is now on Apple Music and Spotify. Listen below!

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears raised our collective roofs with something chill and not-so-poppy on her lead single "Make Me (feat. G-Eazy)" and then promptly made us work it, twerk it, slide down her pole on the wonderfully weird, doo wop-y "Private Show," but in her next Glory-us move, she's bringing us right to the club.

That's right: it's Bangerney, bitch.

"Clumsy," which will be released this Wednesday night (Thursday at midnight), is the next instant grat track from Spears' forthcoming ninth studio album Glory, due out on August 26.

B-Girl's latest cut sees the bass getting big-gah yet again for a dance floor pulverizer of massive proportions — it's surely one of her most full-on club-pop moments, joining the ranks of smash-ahs like "Till The World Ends" and "Work Bitch."

The rollicking track was co-written by Britney and Talay Riley and co-produced by Warren "Oak" Felder (of Pop & Oak) and Alex Nice. And, like "Private Show," the song sees Britney having the most fun she's had in the recording booth with her voice in ages — and even more fun in her boudoir.

"I love how you go down," she excitedly purrs from the get-go in an unsubtle ode to, uh, "bangin' all oooohv-uh this bedroom."

For fans feeling concerned that Glory would be an entirely moody, The Weeknd-esque affair as an early description from her manager Larry Rudolph implied, fear not: Miss Spears sees you, and she still wants to dance with you.

"Call me a fool, call me insane / But don't call it a day," she warns as the thumping beat steadily builds. (It wouldn't be a proper Britney banger without calling herself crazy at least once, would it?)

A chant keeps it going higher and higher ("oh-OH-OH!"), all leading up to one classic lyrical reference from the Spearitual discography that'll undoubtedly provide a chill for hardcore fans upon first listen...


BOOM. Enter a surging, sweat-inducing drop like no other. Ay-ay-ay, clumsy!

Yes, it's nuts. (But don't call her insane!) Yes, there are signature Vocalney runs throughout. Yes, you should get very, very excited.

"Clumsy" will be bangin' all over your bedrooms beginning on Thursday at midnight.

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