Britney Spears' controversial video for her flute-laden new single 'Criminal' is more of a sexed up mini-movie than anything else. Brit and her real-life boyfriend Jason Trawick are fashioned as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde in this five-minute piece of pop music cinema.

The vid opens with Brit at a gala, looking a bit unhappy, but pretty in a golden gown with heavy smoky eyes and her hair is swept up into a huge top knot bun that's flattering. Her suitor barks at her, asking her to "try smiling just once. It's embarrassing. You look like you are at a funeral." He roughs her up and she scampers off to the bathroom to wipe away her tears. Anyone notice the product placement? We'll offer a hint: it's pink and it holds perfume.

Brit returns to her abusive boyfriend, only to find him flirting with another lady. Brit promptly comments on the woman not working a street corner tonight! Damn! It's Britney, b----h! The BF slaps her and Trawick comes to her rescue, asking if she is okay. Before the twosome bolts on his motorcycle, she delivers a swift kick to her now-ex's family jewels and declares, "Now I'm okay." Female empowerment, anyone?

Here's where things get steamy and sexafied. Brit handles a gun, makes out with Trawick and there's a gratuitous sex scene. It's not PG-13; it's more like Rated R. But there is a shot of a sick (and fake) tribal tattoo on Trawick's back. We get it. He's a bad boy.

The next morning, they head to a convenience store and knock it off. This is the scene that caused all that drama, since Brit filmed the clip in an area of England that was besieged by violence over the summer and locals felt the scene was insensitive. Brit stuck to her, uh, guns, and refused to cut it or alter the video.

Brit Brit and her beau make the news as a "duo on a crime spree." They steal a car, have sex in the shower -- it's okay, since they are a real-life duo -- and then engage in another face-sucking sesh as they are surrounded by a hail of bullets. There's no way they survive that one. Oh, but they do. The authorities reveal that the suspects have left the building and we see a shot of Brit's back on Trawick's bike, fleeing the scene. Credits roll. End o' story.

Watch the Britney Spears 'Criminal' Video