Britney Spears reportedly admitted her dad forced her into treatment against her will.

According to TMZ, the pop star, who appeared in court on Friday (May 10) in her parents' battle over her conservatorship case, told a judge her father Jamie Spears forced her to take drugs after committing her into a mental health facility. Britney's mom, Lynne Spears, also allegedly backed up these allegations.

As previously reported, Britney checked into the rehab amid reports of “emotional distress" due to Jamie's ailing health. However, soon after, fans speculated there was more to the story and even started the #FreeBritney movement. Now, it appears the singer has joined the movement to free herself from her dad's control.

Though Jamie has been Britney's sole conservator for the last 11 years, he does not have the authority to put Britney in rehab or tell doctors to give her drugs without her consent.

TMZ's sources also say Britney asked the judge to adjust her conservatorship to allow her more freedom, but her request was denied until an expert evaluates her mental state.

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