Even a girl like Britney Spears, who conceivably has everything a girl could ever want, is enamored by a diamond. Brit recently shared a photo of her sparkler on her Facebook page, tagging the photo with a sweet, "happy girl" caption. She wrote: " I can't stop looking at it!!"

Well, we wish we could stare at it too, Brit, but the photo is too small! Still, we love seeing one of our fave pop divas so happy and excited.

Brit appears to be in a dressing room in the photo, with her hair styled in voluminous waves and a form-fitting blue top showing off her chest, as she delicately holds out her left hand and shows off her ring.

Again, the photo is not a close up so we can't really appreciate the ring and all its jeweled glory, but Brit's smile that glows brighter than a million diamonds and her Facebook post say it all. She's happy. She's in love. She is wearing a simple but beautiful ring and can't take her eyes off of it.

For a while there, we thought Brit was so off the rails she'd never find her way back but fiance (and hot 'Criminal' co-star) Jason Trawick appears to be her rock, in addition to giving her one! With her two adorable sons by her side, Brit is invincible. America loves a comeback and Brit certainly staged hers in 2011. 2012 should be even better for the future Mrs. Jason Trawick.

Now, Brit, think you could show us a close up? We want to "Oooh" and "Ahhh" at that diamond right there with ya, girl.