Britney Spears tells her fans to 'Work, Bitch,' and superfan Gal Volinez has proven that he "works, bitch" like no other.

The Britney Spears diehard -- who has some pretty impressive dance moves and even more impressive video editing skills -- has digitally edited himself into her 'Work Bitch' music vid, superimposing his face and body over Britney's. Where it was once Britney seductively shimmying in black leather and whipping someone in the desert, it is now Gal, and he isn't afraid to show off his body in the same kind of belly-baring clothes as Britney herself.

Gal, who titled his tribute 'HI Brit,' nailed Britney's moves to a T -- shaking it just as quickly (and just as fiercely!) as the international superstar. No word yet if Britney has seen the vid -- but we're sure she'd think it was amazing. Work, bitch!

Check out Gal Volinez's 'Work Bitch' parody video above.