If you think like we do, you would've thought the commercial for Britney Spears' Fantasy Twist perfume was out already, right? Well.... color us wrong.

In the original commercial that was made public not too long ago, it opened with text reading, “We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” Pretty fitting given the fact that all of the extras who look through the peephole see our Queen in a different character than in the short sequined dress, which is how she first appears in the ad.

Instead, the new and improved Fantasy Twist vid immediately opens up with Spears exiting an elevator in said sequined dress to the tune of her own song 'Gasoline,' off of her critically acclaimed album 'Femme Fatale.'

The rest is the same: from a seamstress dressed in red seeing Spears as a Cleopatra-like vixen, to a young girl who sees her as a '20s era flapper, to the Alexander Skarsgard look-alike who witnesses Spears totally transform ; she dones ashort black wig for her role here, as well as an all black ensemble with some serious shoulder pad action. The word "Britney" accompanies each set, but after the latter, a "Britney?" appears instead.

A day ago, Spears tweeted about the commercial, writing, "Really proud and excited to finally show u my #FantasyTwist commercial: http://bit.ly/fantasytwistad  Do u love?"

Yes, Britney. We. Love!