When it comes to revealing the details of Britney Spears' upcoming music, B-Girl herself is usually the last to let you know. Why? Because everybody's talkin' all this stuff about her first. (Remember that time Iggy Azalea revealed "Pretty Girls" was a thing, like, eight months in advance?)

This time, it's G-Eazy doing the spilling of the Brit beans: The rapper confirmed that he's featured on Britney's upcoming single, "Make Me (Oooh)."

In an interview with Germany's Bravo, G-Eazy said that he's hopping on Britney's track — and revealed that they haven't filmed the video just yet because of their busy schedules. Britney's upcoming single is due out "sometime this summer," according to RCA.

This will hardly be the first time Brit's linked up with a rapper. Aside from I-G-G-Y, she's previously teamed up with The Ying Yang Twins, T.I., Nicki Minaj and Queen of Steaming Pots of Vegetables, Sabi — and don't forget that ill-fated Snoop Dogg cameo in the "Outrageous" video, too.

See a scan of the Bravo scoop below — and if you're not already familiar with G-Eazy, get acquainted with "Me, Myself & I," his Top 10 hit with Bebe Rexha.

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