The wait is over! Britney Spears' new video for 'Hold It Against Me' has finally been premiered on MTV, right before the network's hit television series, 'Jersey Shore.' The video marks Britney's first since her single '3' in 2009.

The video for 'Hold It Against Me' opens with a shot of space, leading into a fiery blaze shooting down to the paparazzi-ridden world of Ms. Spears. A lit up platform surrounded by cameras and screens appears shortly after, with the pop icon taking center stage in a quick burst of light.

Throughout the video, one of the most noticeable elements are Spears' costumes. At the age of 29, Spears is still looking as fabulous as ever. She takes her usual sexy look to an all-time high in 'Hold It Against Me,' wearing midriff bearing tops, hot pants, ammunition belts, dagger-like nails and leather body suits. Out of all of her costumes, a billowing white gown encasing a troupe of dancers is probably the most memorable.

While 'Hold It Against Me' is chock full of glitz and glam -- with frequent dance breaks, costume changes and pyrotechnics -- it also has a metaphorical aspect. Throughout the video, Spears is surrounded by microphones, cameras and television screens playing her older music videos. Could this be a warning to all of the other pop divas out there that Ms. Brit is coming back with a bang? Or could it perhaps be commenting on the high amounts of pressure stars like Spears receive from the press?

'Hold It Against Me' is definitely not a video to be missed. There is so much going on that is impossible to pull your eyes away. Keep your eyes pealed for a 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' reference, a sexy fight scene and Spears' amazing dance moves. 'Hold It Against Me' will be featured on Britney Spears' forthcoming album, 'Femme Fatale,' out March 29.

Watch the Britney Spears 'Hold It Against Me' Video