From exploring Mars in a red latex catsuit with her hunky astronaut BF in "Oops!...I Did It Again" to crash-landing into Earth with her meta masterpiece "Hold It Against Me" to feeling not alone (not alone, not alone, not alone...) with Britney Jean's Most Personal Ode To Extraterrestrials To Date ("Alien"), Britney Spears has always had a thing for Unidentified Funky Objects and really, really cool and urban space life.

And this morning, our beloved Brit Brit's ongoing infatuation with all things outer space continues...with her maybe Australian, fellow salad-loving new BFF Iggy Azalea in tow.

Together, the two loosely tackle the plot of the Geena Davis-led '80s camp cult classic, Earth Girls Are Easy to the sound of their new single, "Pretty Girls"...and they're both just, like, SO PRET-TAY.

Ready to blast off?

In her spare time, MILFney enjoys long walks on the beach, men who aren't afraid to cry and casual poolside nail filing sessions.

And no matter what's happening in her life, whether it's a new single campaign or a spacecraft hurdling into her own backyard, B-Girl simply cannot be fucked. Unbothered legend!

Iggy, having evidently done her homework before filming, replicates Britney's genuinely iconic, soaking wet "My Prerogative" car-into-pool entrance as she makes her grand arrival to Earth. People can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your spaceship. But the question is...can you time travel speed?

Sensing the need for a serious space makeover, Brit Brit gets to work (bitch) turning I-G-G-Y into an acceptably '80's-tastic Valley Girlney from the nails to the perfume. (BUT WHERE IS PRETTY GIRL FANTASY, B?)

And in the end, Iggy looks exactly how you would expect Britney giving you a makeover to look.

Together the two PRET-TAY girls decide to hop in their hot Bugatti whips Jeep to go cruisin' downtown where their posse's at (namely, at a car wash), blowing kisses to the haters and generally just being pretty BEES TO THE HON-AY.

At the car wash, B finds some Pretty Boys (boys can be pretty too — LGBT warrior) and whips them into shape with some "Outrageous 2.0" cougar leopard print 'n' jeans footwork amid pink suds and souped up rides. Work it out, Britney!

Meanwhile, Iggy's just found out how much money it costs to co-direct this whole thing.

It's time now for the Tot-Uh-Lay Very Serious Acting Bit, as the girls call their fellow pretty girls to do some pretty girl things at the club. Britney has absolutely no idea what Iggy is saying.

That moment when the nude is better than you expected.

And we're off again!

From 10 PM to 4, Britney and Iggy have come to hit the floor (REFERENCE)...

AND BEHOLD: IT IS DANCEBREAKNEY, in all of her hair flipping, hip thrusting goodness! QUEEN.

But as quickly as Godney giveth, she taketh away. It only lasts about 3 seconds. Still, fire in the eyes! Movement! Praise her holy Spearitual light.

And after turning up at the club for a second, the girls finally decide to make their great escape the only way Britney knows how: By going to the light to see Jesus.

There you have it, y'all: A visual experience that NASA has already declared to be the most compelling evidence of extraterrestrial life to date, and genuinely one of Britney's most cute video moments in years. While a bit more of Danceney would have been wonderful, we all know how much she loves to flex those acting chops. And Iggy did a great job, too! They're just so SIL-LAY! (Also, a remix using the dance breakdown in the video is now essential. Get to work, Brazil.)

And remember, children: #BuyPrettyGirlsOniTunes.

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